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Political Economy debates


A study of poverty from the perspective of individuals who freely choose to live at the bottom of the financial ladder - what they gain and what they lose. 

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How and why populist political beliefs have changed over time and whether current populism reflects America's relationship to the outside world.


A reply to the economic inequality school of Piketty, Krugman and others which shows that much of the so-called 'loss' of middle-class wealth is based on decisions freely made.


A study of the MAGA movement and why it is not an advocacy movement or an insurrection but a marketing/branding 

strategy that ultimately failed.


A quick and easy essay about whether the United States should have left the Confederacy as an independent country after the Civil War and how the return of Confederate states impacts current politics.


This book is a study of violence which offers an argument based on how different populations 

react to risk.

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