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Gun violence

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A general look at the gun issue from both perspectives - why gun owners like their guns and why gun-control advocate don't like guns. 


This book examines how and why guns became part of American life and culture and how gun ownership has changed as life nd culture have changed.


A study of how and why guns are used to commit violent crimes and the methods which have been developed to respond to this kind of gun violence.


This book explores how the gun industry has used the self-defense argument to promote gun sales and whether armed, self-defense makes any difference at all.


A detailed look at how the ATF operates and whether its practices and duties make any difference to how well we regulate the ownership and use of guns.


A study of the arguments on both sides about guns and the risk of gun ownership, with special attention paid to the social differences between the gun-owning and non-gun owning populations based on original surveys data.


My biography as it relates to more than 50 years of activity in the gun business and how my experiences as a manufacturer, importer, wholesaler and retailer have shaped my understanding about guns.


This book details how the Obama Administration victimized the dealer who legally sold the gun that was used at Sandy Hook because the government had no other way to show that they could do anyhing to prevent mass shootings of this sort.


A compilation of the 8 academic articles I have published on SSRN.


A  brief (30 pps.) manual on how guns are designed and function, written especially for non-gun individuals who want to better understand the gun debate on both sides.

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A study of how public health research both explains gun violence as well as gaps in the research which still remain to be filled.

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You can prepare yourself to use a self-defense gun properly and safely by following three, simple exercises that do not require using a gun.

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How did the NRA move from being one of America's most powerful membership organizations to facing a complete collapse? This book explains the whole thing.

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A brief manual which explains the design, engineering and use of assault rifles, in order to better understand why they are so frequently used in mass shootings, as well as why they are so popular.


This book covers some of the basic arguments from both sides of the gun debate and shows how and why both gun 'rights' and gun-control advocates mis-state the truth about guns.

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This book is a treatment of mass shootings from a unique perspective, namely from how the products and marketing of the gun industry promotes such events.

This book is a study of Stand Your Ground behavior as a response by black Americans first to slavery and then to legal inequality.

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